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Welcome to Samartha Group

The members of the CAD team have experience in product development from a wide range of industries. The team work with client companies on a huge variety of projects that employ the use of most of the commonly available CAD software currently utilized in industry Each member of the team is proficient in at least two or more of these software’s.

Projects undertaken by the team can be generated directly from the client or Via the Centre's own designers. The CAD team can if required develop further ideas or technical aspects of the project. Once CAD files have been produced. the team can facilitate these being turned into master casting models using up to date RP equipment and casting technologies. CAD files can also be produced for other types of manufacturing such as CNC machining or disband tooling.

Clients can choose to carry out any aspect of their project themselves. thus leaving them free to utilize the teams skills in the specific areas that they require the most assistance with. The CAD team also teach on the varied CAD short courses available through the Centre. presiding clients with the opportunity to support their project with tuition sessions.